Useful Links

Need even more information? Check out these useful web links to pages that are among our favourites too.
The British Goat Society website.
Producers of speciality goats' milk chocolate.
Producers of goats' milk luxury farmhouse ice-cream.
The British Cheeseboard website - the voice of British cheese.
Producer of quality meat including goats' meat available by mail order.
Dairy ingredient supplier to the UK food manufacturing and foodservice industry.
Use this website to source a milkman anywhere in the UK.
The Foods Matter magazine website - for those with food allergies or intolerances.
Producers of goats' milk fudge.
Charity helping families in villages in Darfur, Sudan.
Producer of a recipe book for dairy and wheat free diets.
Website listing award winning local food producers across the UK & Ireland.
Dairy Crest's fresh milk and 'top up shop' home delivery service.
Online store for natural and organic foods - including Delamere Dairy's goats' products.
Goats' milk products