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TopLife Milk helps keep agility star Charlie hydrated!

"I first found toplife dog milk on a stall at one of the agility shows I attended when Charlie was a puppy. After him trying the milk and absolutely loving it, I decided to get a couple of cartons to try which are perfect for easy transport and keeping him hydrated and energy levels sufficient at shows which is vital!

I now use the milk regularly at shows for Charlie which are perfect for an energy boost and refreshment after a run. The size of the cartons are perfect portions and can also be diluted with a bit of water to stretch them even further when I’m running low! Every year Charlie still makes a B-line for the stall which has a big bowl of toplife milk on display. As a competing agility dog, he is working all day and the dog milk cartons are definitely one of my go-to products for a quick fix and a treat!"