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TopLife Milk for Dogs helped with Basil's arthritis...

Basil's mum Barb recently wrote in to us to tell us how much TopLife Milk for Dogs has helped with Basil, their retired racing Greyhound.

"Basil is 12 years old. He was a racing greyhound, retired at two and a half years with broken bones in his foot, a common racing injury. We re-homed basil via greyhound trust and he has been with us for 10 years. Basil used to run in cani-cross races with CaniX UK but he was fully retired four years ago, due to arthritis in his bones.

The arthritis has got steadily worse, and basil is on anti – inflammatory drugs. He still potters about, but his life just got BETTER! I ran with Dennis, our Hamiltonstovare at a Canix UK event and Dennis won some TopLife Milk for Dogs. We started to give this to Basil. He soon perked up and now waits for his bowl of water flavoured with TopLife Milk for Dogs twice a day.

I know we can’t fix him, but his colour has come back and he has a glint in his eye. He is getting something special from the milk, we are sure he was not bothering to drink enough before. Added bonus is the glucosamine in the milk. Thank you, your product has helped us enrich Basil’s very special days.


Barb Morris"