Our Friends

"Life Saving Milk"

"A while back we came across you at the PATS Show where you were kind enough to donate to us a tub of your goats milk powder. We recently had cause to use it when a young Fawn was brought in to us. When looking through our supplies to find what to feed him we came across your powder. He loved it and has since continued to thrive on it! We are so pleased, its rare that we have a fawn so young survive and without doubt it's down to your milk powder. We are so thrilled that we thought we must write and let you know. We have attached a photo of the little one for you to see. Once again thank you." - Rose Milne

Thanks to Rose for this heart-warming story she has emailed in to the Toplife team. If you have your own Toplife tale to tell please emailĀ info@toplifeformula.com.