TopLife's flyball superstar recently made her first debut with the infamous Live Wires team! Cassie's owner Anne tells us how she got on:

"Cassie did excellently, she made a couple of errors but overall Cassie and I did great, gaining a sub 17 second time! Our team is relatively untried but early indications are that we have a great team with some very speedy dogs. In a few months time we are aiming to get into the top 6 teams in the UK again as we have for the last 4 years but need some time to work and practice together to achieve that. Besides, next month we are entering a Crufts qualifier with Cassie in Warrington Wizards our top team - 3 of our teams are being entered. Whether we'll be good enough first time out we are not sure but we have other chances later this summer so we are hoping to get through to the finals come next March. Cassie has certainly taken to flyball like a 'duck to water' and not yet 2 years old (early July) has a natural aptitude to the sport. Also as a 'height dog' she is invaluable to a team to keep the jumps low, helping the team to attain lower times. She is a real crowd pleaser too and lots of other teams at the last competition we were in commented on her superb turn on the box - like lightning! I just have to get my act together now so we'll be a perfect partnership for Live Wires.

We're now looking forward to the Crufts qualifiers and the British Championships in August. Next year the European Championships is being held in the South East of the UK and so we hope to do well in them all."

Cassie is proving to be an absolute star and we're looking forward to watching her progress over the next few months - Go Cassie!