Cassie and the team have had a hectic summer training hard and competing in various competitions across Europe.

At the beginning of the month, Cassie even won a competition with one of the livewires starter teams and owner Anne has been delighted with her progress:

"Cassie is coming along superbly well and improving from week to week. We had a go at being timed in one of Sunday's individual competitions, and she gained her best time so far of just over 4.1 seconds and coming 2nd overall. I think she could eventually get a sub 4 second time as she gets older, stronger and fitter - she's coming up to 14 months old and still needs a lot more experience yet. We are aiming to run in open events in the New Year when she'll be over 18 months old.  So far she is fulfilling all expectations and being a small and fast dog she will certainly be in demand for one of our top teams sometime next year!"

We think you'll agree that Cassie's progress is extremely promising and we are so excited to watch this fabulous flyball champion in the making!