Cassie's first year in flyball!

We recently caught up with Cassie's owner Anne to find out how she felt about Cassie's first year of flyball training, what her hopes are for Cassie during 2015, and to delve a little deeper into the life of this flyball superstar!

What are Cassie's main achievements from her first year of flyball training and what are your hopes for her during 2015?

Before Cassie started flyball we enrolled in obedience classes, where she still attends weekly. She has progressed extremely well gaining the Kennel Club's Puppy Foundation, Bronze and Silver awards and is now in training for her Gold and Platinum awards.

At Live Wires flyball training, we began by training Cassie over very low puppy jumps and placed jump wings at both sides. They collected the ball from a 'shoot' (angled board). Gradually we progressed to using the proper flyball 'box' which they then learnt to 'trigger' to release the ball.

Once Cassie reached a year old in July she was able to compete as a beginner in our starter team and immediately showed her speed and expertise.

Cassie's team were hugely successful and won all but one competition, all with creditable times. During the summer, Cassie and her team were able to train with more experienced team dogs, which meant removing all training aids to race in an open lane. Cassie adapted really well over the year, so much so in October she took part in some time trials. Cassie achieved times which equivalently put her in with the fastest dogs that were competing in this year's club teams.

It is amazing how in 12 months Cassie has come on and learnt her trade so well, better than I ever thought. In the club she is lightning fast at turning off the box giving her the momentum needed to sprint back over the jumps with the ball and overtake her opponent. Early in January she'll be 18 months old and eligible for one of our open teams. The outlook is very promising and we are hopeful that she'll be integral to her team's success for the British Flyball competitions and Crufts qualifying rounds in 2015!

What does Cassie enjoy the most when she's at home with her family?

Cassie is certainly a little 'Live Wire'. A pretty, ever energetic ball of fluff that is also very affectionate and clever. She loves meeting new challenges and is up for anything! She even 'talks' if I ask her something! 

She is just a fun loving, energetic and loveable pet dog that loves her food but left alone too long she can get up to mischief! She thrives on attention, loves practising obedience, going for runs on the local sports field and occasional holidays to the beach.

She is choosy about which other dogs she befriends, preferring human company or playing with her sisters, toys and any titbits on offer! Cassie always knows the time, telling us when to be let out, taken for a walk or when her meals are due. She eats really well, gobbling almost anything we give her. To stop her eating the food too quickly we have to put golf balls in her feeding bowls, which has worked a treat! She really enjoys TopLife milk for breakfast or Delamere Goats' milk at other times. Besides she has healthy mixture and some meat for evening meals along with a few dog biscuits for lunch. In winter she also loves a bowl of porridge for breakfast! Cassie especially loved Christmas with lots of lovely food and tasty left over's to eat and new toys to play with. The things Cassie like best are our company, more playtime with us, her sisters, and toys.

It certainly sounds like Anne has had her hands full this year with Cassie attending obedience classes, flyball training sessions and competitions - it's no wonder Cassie has a huge appetite! We think Cassie is an absolute superstar and are excited about what the year ahead has in store for her.