We caught up recently with Cassie at Rycroft farm to watch her first ever Flyball competition. Despite the torrential rain and in true Flyball spirit, Cassie and the team performed brilliantly!

Owner Anne was delighted with Cassie's performance:

Cassie was on great form and for a first outing made very few errors and was very quick.

"It took Cassie 4.2 seconds to go over the 4 hurdles, get to the box, get the ball and come back over the line... which is 2.1 seconds each way!! In perspective, if she was doing that sort of time, or less - for a senior (open) team of ours she'd have the capability of racing in one of our top 2 teams, even Live Wires itself!

"Though really encouraging we have a long way to go yet and a lot to learn. She won't be eligible until she is 18 months of age (early next year) to run in our open teams, but most likely if she keeps up the progress and develops as I hope, she could start training with senior team dogs next year! If she proves good enough she will be in senior competitions from the spring! She won't be eligible to take part in next year's Crufts however as she is too young to participate in this summer's qualifiers, but she could perhaps reach the Crufts flyball finals, March 2016!

The Livewires team are heading to the British Championships this month and we wish them all the best of luck. Looking forward to hearing how they get on!