For all of our Cassie fans out there, the lovely pup has been on a short break while she recovered from a little op but is back up and running (literally) now and is raring to go! Here she with her owner Anne.

Cassie and the other youngsters are training over a full length run and normal 'starter' jumps (8" high) now and according to the trainer Cassie's now almost ready to have a go on the proper 'box'.

Last night she had her first quick go on the flyball box and was the only pup that managed to trigger the box herself to catch the ball! Looks like she'll master the box turn itself before too long.

According to observers she simply flies down the track, then back for her tuggy. The break seemed to have made her even keener to impress!

Also she is learning to race in a team now and was able to cross fairly closely with another pup without them stopping for a sniff. They didn't even give each other a second glance - both pups at 8 & 10 months are very focussed going and coming back, so bodes well for the future.  The main thing is she thoroughly enjoys herself...