We take a lot of care preparing our pet products, and just as much care making sure they get to you in perfect condition. But when we pack them we're also very aware of our responsibility to the environment and we 'do our bit' wherever we can, after all, we want to make sure our pets can continue to live and play in an outside world that's green and clean.

For much of our packaging, we have adopted an environmentally friendly format that is renewable and recyclable, producing much less waste.

Below is a list of our packaging and how you can recycle the various components...


TopLife Milks 

Sourced from a renewable, re-growable resource, the cartons are made with up to 75% cardboard. This can either be collected by your local authorities at kerbside or at recycling points provided by your local authority. To find out what services your local authority provides click here.


TopLife Food  

Our cartons are made with between 70% and 90% paperboard, a renewable natural product, we can reclaim much of the carton in the recycling process.

These are collected for recycling in most Local Authority areas across the UK. Over 86% of Local Authorities collect cartons for recycling and one in four of these, being at the kerbside. There are also various collection points dotted around the country. To find out where your nearest collection point is click here.



Goats' Milk Powders

The Goats' Milk Powder tub is made of 100% mono material and so can be picked up at your kerbside collection. If your local authority doesn't provide this, most local recycling centres provide a facility.



TopLife Treats

 Unfortunately, this packaging is not able to be recycled at this moment in time. We are however, working towards a more friendly packaging and will let you know as soon as we do.